Sync your daily practice with the wisdom of your menstrual cycle

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Receive 40 practices and a total of 80+ videos to dive into each day of your cycle, month after month at your own pace!

This course is designed to support the fifth vital sign of your menstrual cycle. Our menstrual cycle reflects what is going on in our life and what needs to change for us to be operating at our 100% in all areas from the physical to the emotional: From our vitality & physical health to our creative projects & intimate relationships.

The Menstrual Cycle is our monthly health report card. When we start to really PAY ATTENTION to this body wisdom it speaks to us louder and louder.

This is an opportunity for you to really immerse and honour the deeper wisdom of your womb.

  • Life is too short for us not to shine our brightest *

Moon Month is a self-paced course! You can start it at ANY time and gain unlimited access to the compendium of practices.

What you Receive

  • 40 movement and meditation practices for you to curate to your own needs and energy levels and at your own pace
  • A huge selection of yoga practices including feminine flows, vinyasa, hatha, yin yang, yin and restorative yoga
  • Guided dance & ecstatic dance practices to explore non-linear movement, express the depth of emotions and celebrate creativity
  • Yoga Nidras to the backdrop of specially curated binaural solfeggio frequencies: Designed to support the visionary within you, ease painful periods or moments of anxiety and support creativity
  • Each of the 40 practices includes an introduction to the spiritual practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness including 5 Chambers of Menstruation
  • FREE enrolment into the next live mini course "Women unlock the super powers of your menstrual cycle." The course includes empowering knowledge on female reproductive and ovulatory health including charting, nutrition and the latest research on women's hormones
  • Writing tasks and creativity projects to honour each phrase of the inner seasons
  • Specially composed music for the four seasons

For teachers and therapists

An understanding of a woman's menstrual cycle is ESSENTIAL for her to understand her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

These 40 practices support you to tune-in and channel to your own body wisdom and in turn, guide other women how to do the same.

If you are working with women: Either as yoga teachers, therapists or even just have female colleagues, then understanding their inner waves can be the "aha" moment for identifying patterns of anxiety, overwhelm and retreat from the world or conversely peaks in creativity and "stability."

You will also receive a comprehensive resource list for you to continue your own research, as well as access to the Unwind the Feminine Community.

Art: A Deep Connection no. 40


Why 40 practices?

For young women in their early years of menstruation it is normal to have longer cycles up to 45 days. For women over 25 years of age, a cycle of 21-35 days is normal. For women coming off hormonal contraceptions and post natal, longer irregular cycles can also be common.

In fact, only about 15% of menstruating women have a 28 day cycle! It is for these reasons that you have a selection of 10 practices for each of the 4 inner seasons to choose from each day of your cycle...month after month!

The "Moon Month" supports you to really commit to your Menstrual Charting and choose an appropriate practice for each day.

Become a detective of your own physical and spiritual health. Reinstate cyclical wisdom into your daily life.

Art: Self Love no. 94


FREE live mini course "Women: Unlock the Super Powers of your Menstrual Cycle."

Every woman who enrolls into "Moon Month" will receive access to the next online mini course where we dive into Menstrual Cycle Charting, monthly hormonal changes, fertility and much more.

These live calls are also a time to connect with women from around the world and an opportunity for you to share your experiences, reflect and break taboos associated with both the menstrual cycle and a woman's life stages.

When you purchase "Moon Month" you will receive information for how to join the 3 ninety minute live calls. The next mini course is 11th-13th February 2022. The calls complement the compendium of practices within Moon Month.

 Art: Self Love no. 92


You will receive immediate access to an incredible 80+ videos upon registration


Moon Month

Including FREE Female Body Literacy Mini Course

Honouring Source

Each practice from "Moon Month" is themed from "Red Power Cards" from the "The Red School."

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer's depiction of the great menstrual archetype has been a huge personal inspiration to me.

Their book "Wild Power" is a must read for this course.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli's generosity in her knowledge, teachings and personal support has also been a foundational structure for "Moon Month."

Over the years, "Yoni Shakti" has become my yoga bible. Uma's practices have helped me to rise time and again, and many of them have made their way into "Moon Month" albeit shared from my own experience.

It is with deep humility that I offer this course knowing that it comes from the revolutionary work of the women who have come before me.

A Reclamation & Celebration

The Menstrual Cycle is an inbuilt bio feedback loop. When we start to really PAY ATTENTION to this body wisdom it speaks to us louder and louder.

On a physical level it helps us to support our vitality by reflecting when we need more rest, better nutrition and less stress. There are times in our cycle when we are prepped to celebrate, to create and to excel. There are also times for us to hibernate, to reflect, to release trauma and to grieve.

If taken as a spiritual practice, it becomes clear that WE ARE ALREADY connected to a larger cyclical process of creation and destruction. This alone can be deeply healing, as a sense of isolation/ separateness is the main cause for addiction and self sabotage.

Our cycle allows us to drop into deeper states of insight and visioning. It also reveals when we are out of alignment with our deeper truth and guides us back into states of inner and outer resonance.

Bex Tyrer

Bex specialises in guiding women into a deeper understanding of their rhythms and cycles. She has worked with thousands of women, supporting them into greater vitality, creativity and leadership.

Bex weaves in her passions of female empowerment, education and social justice with her love for movement and a return to the cyclical power of Nature.

When a woman understands the inner yoga of her menstrual cycle she is able to harness her innate wild power and claim her passions, playfulness and purpose.


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Join me on this beautiful journey into the rhythm and wisdom of your inner moon.


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