A Reclamation

A woman's premenstrual time is often the most misunderstood time of her menstrual cycle.

For many women, the days or hours before she bleeds is her most powerful time of the month.

It is a time of great intuition, of deep sensitivity and of being deeply connected to oneself whilst entering a state of heightened awareness.

The Nidra "Enter the Void" is my gift to you and can be listened to at any time of your menstrual cycle, yet is particular apt for the transition phrase just before you bleed.

This is a time which the Menstruality mentors, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer call "entering the void".

It can feel like a deep separation from the material world, and at times from ourself. Therefore it is imperative that we take care to have good rest, plenty of nourishment and support.

The magic occurs without trying, and can emerge naturally. By simply paying attention, giving ourselves space to honour the source of all life - the menstrual blood - we can be naturally rewarded with an expanded state of awareness. This can be a beautiful balm to soothe any challenges or anxiety that can often built up prior to our bleed. It is my belief, that by acknowledging this power, we can then release what is no longer needed with our menstrual blood.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is an ancient method of "yogic sleep." It is a state of deep relaxation where the practitioner can enters deep states of restoration on all levels of being.

There is nothing that you need to "do."

Simply find a quiet and comfortable space to relax.

You will then be guided on a journey of moving awareness from our external world to the inner world.

As you listen to the nidra, you may fall asleep, which is perfectly ok! It means that you need the rest!

The power of the love frequency

This Yoga Nidra is accompanied by 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency, the love frequency. This frequency is attuned to bring you into a state of deep resonance with the love which is at the core of everything; connecting our heart, our spiritual nature, and the divine harmony.

The Void time can be a beautiful time of deep remembrance. A liminal space of harmony and bliss. Yet if you have had a challenging month, or a stressful "Inner Autumn (pre-menstrum) then it could be that you experience the Void as a feeling of alienation. Yet when we feel isolated and separate, there is a risk that we forget our deep interdependence with the shakti/life force. This then leaves us vulnerable to unhealthy habits, thoughts and addictive tendencies.

Good rest, good company, good nutrition and above all, Menstrual Cycle Awareness are all very important in order to sail through the Void. This is also why this Nidra is composed to the frequency of love.

To receive the full effects of the frequency, please listen with headphones.

Art: Self Love no. 41 by Tina Maria Elena

My Gift to You


Yoga Nidra to Enter the Void

The Great Menstrual Archetype

Paying attention to the subtle physical, emotional and mental changes day-to-day can lead to a profound understanding of one's own unique rhythms. We have the most finely tuned bio feedback loop which speaks to us every day of the month. This is the 5th Vital Sign of our menstrual cycle. By learning how to listen to this rhythm, a woman steps onto a path of deep self acceptance and honouring of her innate body wisdom. Menstrual Cycle Awareness is both an Art and a Practice. It is a guide into a deep reverence for the source of all life: The Menstrual Blood.

Art: @Annabel.laura

The Five Chambers of Menstruation

"Enter the Void" is one of the 5 Chambers of Menstruation, and represents the time of "Separation" within our cycle. Many times this can mean that we physically need some space and if we don't find a way to take it then perhaps we just behave in a way which demands it. Once we become aware of these needs we can communicate them in a gentle yet firm way. Once the blood arrives we drop into a state of "Surrender." Taking rest during this time is gold for our overall health. This in turn leads to the chambers of "Renewal", "Vision" and finally "Clarity and Direction."

Art: @Annabel.laura

Moon Month

Enter the Void Yoga Nidra is part of the comprehensive guide to Menstrual Cycle Awareness Moon Month. The new course is a profound journey to reveal the unique wisdom within your menstrual cycle including the Great Menstrual Archetype and the Five Chambers of Menstruation as taught by The Red School.

Moon Month bridges the spiritual practice Menstrual Cycle Awareness with Yoga to support you to full vitality and inner balance. It contains 40 practices including yoga nidras, yoga and dance.

Registration will open on the new moon of 11th May and the course will begin on following new moon, 10th June.

The first 30 women to register will receive the course for $333 (discounted from $470.)

Art: @Annabel.laura

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