Welcome to Module 5

In this module we take a moment to return to yogic thought and explore some contemporary interpretations of older concepts which thread throughout yogic thought and in particular in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. We cover concepts such as:

  • A very brief intro to the Yoga Sutra
  • The mind according to Patanjali
  • Samskaras
  • The path of yoga (meditation)
  • The obstacles to yoga (kleshas)

To follow on from this, I also introduce the work of Thomas Hubel with some insights into the latest in epigenetics. Sure enough, fears and tendencies we have may not belong to us. (So it follows that it is time to give them back ;-))

We also welcome Josh Wise with his two beautiful sessions. One is a gorgeous meditation to prepare for his advice on how to "Cultivate a Wise Heart."

In our embodied practice we explore the power of a stronger practice within a more structured framework. This gives clues as to how physical stability can help to access emotional stability, as well as imbue us with the the courage to embrace transitions.

We then drop into a beautiful liminal and yet embodied dance, guided not by visuals, but by sound with our special guest Madhu Henry. It is an amazing piece to work with as even if (for whatever reason) you don't feel like moving it also lends itself to you dropping into an internal dance and visualisation.

There is also a new practice in our "Art of Self Practice" section. The practice is based upon the Sun Salutations A series. However, as you shall see, we embody this as a spring board for you to move into your own inner led movements. Do remember, that self practice is a wonderful journey of developing discipline to play with movement!

As always, if it is coming up to your bleed time, or during your bleed, then you may wish to really take it easy and simply rest into the "Gift of Sound" which was part of our Module 1. For others, perhaps you feel that the moon is rising and the Sun dancing into Leo so perhaps the light is beginning to shine in the once dark places and spaces!

Recommended Reading:

"Urban Yoga" Unwind the Feminine Manual p 82-90

"An Introduction to Critical Issues in Yoga," Unwind the Feminine Manuel p177-190

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