Welcome to Module 4

We have another incredible few days ahead.

We dive deeper into Menstrual Cycle Awareness (although my Unwind the Feminine: Women & Yoga course is the one that really unpacks this, so if you haven't already, read "Wild Power" by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and that will bring you up to speed!)

Our in-house spiritual midwife Lindsey blasts our voices open with her INCREDIBLE heart/womb felt SOUL songs in continuation of her formidably powerful sessions in Module 3.

Zoe really treats us today with a series of FANTASTIC videos on TCM in regards to Menstruality, Fertility and Menopause.

Kate and I also have a good chat in "Vagina Dialogues" and how to gently but surely release trauma held within the yoni and much more.

In our embodied practices we explore "Cycles, Spirals and Creativity" introducing organic, non-linear movement and creativity to support yourself in times of change, transition and descent.

"Becoming Friends" is a wonderful visualisation on developing a deeper sensitivity with your own female landscape. This includes a section on Art Therapy, so have your art materials ready!

There is also a new practice in the "Art of Self Practice" section, which you can lean into if you prefer to leave the lead practices until a later date. On the other end of the spectrum, if you doing one practice per day then this will support you to build your own practice and take it out of the course structure and into the rest of your life!

Recommended Reading:

"The Inner Revolution" Unwind the Feminine Manual p190 - 238

"The Cyclic Wisdom of the Inner Seasons" Unwind the Feminine Manual p. 213-220

"Your Menstrual Cycle Under Quarantine" Unwind the Feminine Manual p.273 - 278

Complete and Continue