Welcome to Module 6

This module looks at the layers of trauma: From the individual to the collective and how imperative it is that we address both. This includes within the Yoga World.

Social Justice and Yoga:

  • Real healing means the willingness to address personal traumas and foster emotional balance in relation to the collective.
  • How emotional balance and dis-regulation affects the wider ecology of both society and the environment.
  • The power of yoga to generate authentic forgiveness whilst being anchored in the heart space.
  • The next level to healing individually is to extend that out into our communities. Yet to do this, we need to have a good look in and feel the gifts of privilege and use this for the collective wellbeing, whilst acknowledging the pain it has caused. Deeply "uncomfortable" and yet essential.

Historical & Cultural Trauma within the Female Body :

  • Historic trauma is stored within a woman's body. It can effect the way she feels about her body, her sexuality and her ability to receive pleasure. Such collective trauma has come from deep rooted patriarchy. In our contemporary society certain ghosts still haunt us. These are hangovers from the era of witch hunting and persecution as well as the medical industries perspectives of female anatomy and their subsequent control of knowledge.

  • Collective cultural stresses: From perfectionism, overachieving, the need to prove one's value in the world and right to belong, plus the pressures from religion, the porn culture, motherhood and media.

  • Complex trauma: Remember the bigger picture and mosaic of experiences which women of colour, minorities, and those who live in conflict areas are also exposed to. It is imperative that we recognise collective wounds, yet the question arises, how do we open up a space for different narratives and allow for such collective wounds to heal?

Nadine McNeil shares her sessions as our special guest to share her experiences as a Woman Of Colour. Nadine is a friend and colleague of mine at the Yoga Barn. Hence, she is a yoga teacher who holds space for primarily white women. In her session she explores some of the powerful lessons that she has learnt along the way.

In our embodied practices we explore our ability to lean into sensation and realisation via "The Uncomfortable Beauty of Going Yin". We further explore the shadows within as a necessary prerequisite for exploring the shadows around us. The shadows that hide in the broad day light of our contemporary globalised world. We will then dive into ancestral trauma and how this work of unwinding MUST apply to both our internal and external worlds.

We also explore the power of Restorative Yoga. No need to fix, just to rest. Restoration.

In The Art of Self Practice section we have one more practice to complete the exploration of the Sun Salutations as we explore how to build from, and weave between, Sun Salutations B.

Recommended Reading:

"Missing Lessons in Teaching Yoga to Women," Unwind the Feminine Manuel p.258-268

Nadine McNeil, "The practice of yoga verses a yoga practice." Medium.

Please Watch: Intergenerational Trauma This is a short animation, which is beautifully done.

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