Welcome to Module 1


We lay the foundation for your journey ahead. We will explore why this course is so essential for these times, including how to engage with it whilst taking care!

One of the themes throughout this course is Yoga and Women. You will learn how your menstrual cycle and stages of life can effect your levels of stress & anxiety, and explore how the two wings of a woman's inner freedom could be Menstrual Cycle Awareness and her capacity to handle stress.

Other themes covered in this first module include:

  • Why an embodied practice (yoga) as opposed to verbal therapy?
  • Why is this course for women?
  • What is Emotional Balance?
  • Activate yoga for yoga activism

We will also take a closer look at the Evolution of Yoga:

  • Take a closer look at how the meaning of "yoga" has changed throughout time
  • Review the vast range of yogas throughout the ages
  • Compare and contrast pre-modern yoga's obsession with liberation, special powers an renunciation with contemporary yoga's wide range of ever increasing niches to cure, heal and embody
  • Identify the key technologies of hatha yoga and how and why we can work with this for supporting emotional balance
  • This provides clues for how we can open up to different dimensions of what it is to be a woman: physical, vital, intelligent, intuitive and connected to source.
  • What this all means for a yoga teacher in 2020

Embodied Practices:

Our first practice introduces moving with the breath as your most intimate friend and guide. I offer techniques for how to heal relationships with the breath in order to be able to lean more fully into it. We also explore asana as a way to breathe new life into areas that may feel numb, stuck or stagnant and allow for prana to flow.

Our second practice is all about freeing the energy and taking rest: Pavanmuktasana as Yoga Therapy, empowerment and generating self awareness and loving kindness.

Guidelines for exploring the above practices and incorporating them into your self practice: a vital part of this course is developing the skill in action to be independent from a teacher, studio or even a screen. In this section I will give instruction for how to work with the practices shared, to glean inspiration from them but without copying them.

Special Gift: You will also receive a soundscape of binaural beats composed especially for this course and aimed at unwinding tension without you having to do a thing!

Recommended Reading:

  • "Why Yoga for Stress and Anxiety," Unwind the Feminine Manual. p. 7-19
  • "Liberation and Freedom Through Movement", Unwind the Feminine Manual. p. 93-104
  • "Activate Yoga", Unwind the Feminine Manual p. 105-112
  • "The History of Yoga,"Unwind the Feminine Manual p. 43-56

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