Welcome to Module 2

In this module we take a closer look at the physiology of stress from multiple disciplines including neuroscience, Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition.

I will introduce this work by sharing what I learnt via my own recovery from a freak accident, and how yoga has helped me to integrate this so that slowly but surely I can arise from the other side.

We will also look at Trauma and the Brain

  • What is stress, anxiety, depression and trauma?
  • Causes and effects
  • Intro to PTSD
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Trauma is relational: It effects those around us (more on this on day 6)

We explore the relationship between Nutrition and Stress with our special guest Kate Reardon. Kate explores our ability to digest life and the impact of stress on our digestive system and relationship to the world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner Zoe Nash shares her understanding of the "spirits of the organs" and how this relates to health and healing.

Zoe takes us on a journey through Shen (the spirit of the Heart), Po (the spirit of the Lungs), Hun

Embodied Practices:

Our first practice explores "Your Practice Your Prayer": The roots of yoga find rhythm in the chaos through ritual. We explore how our practice can be our ritual...in the chaos.

Our second practice introduces "Elemental Prayer", exploring sound as we move with mantra and mudra to remember what yoga can remind us of our place within the cosmos.

Please look out for an additional section to the curriculum that we introduce this week.

The Art of Self-Practice is a guide for developing your own daily self-practice. We explore how to incorporate the elements we have covered in both lectures and practice into your own practice. We will add to this series each week of the course, beginning with exploring the connection between breath and movement. As I share throughout the course, at some points in our life, having a structured practice is incredibly useful. Yet at other times, so is organic non-linear movement. The Art of Self-Practice is about building a foundation for you to explore and develop your own creative movement.

Recommended Reading:

  • "The Multi-dimensional Body", Unwind the Feminine Manual. p.120-137
  • "The Purpose of your Practice," Unwind the Feminine Manual. p. 284- 291
  • "Sequencing," Unwind the Feminine Manual. 292-293

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